warning: die hard jasico shipper

Interests ATM:
PJ; Batfam; FE:A;
Learning French + French things;

The Red Pyramid; Ender's Game;
PJ & The Singer of Apollo;

Batman cartoons; Nisekoi; Detective Conan;

Teen Titans; The Amazing Spiderman; Leverage; White Collar;

me: reads books
me: spends money on books
me: talks about books
me: laughs about books
me: cries about books
me: thinks about books
me: sniffs books
me: touches books
me: sleeps with books
me: writes about books
me: blogs about books
me: books
me, .
Days when I'm busy: *reads 200 pages of a book*
Days when I have nothing to do: *reads title of book*
me, .


*i’m-getting-a-new-book-in-the-mail-tomorrow-that-i-probably-shouldn’t-have-bought dance*

(via stepwriteup)

whoops, .


He wants to ask you out!
Thank you a lot for the notes o/

pj, *heavy breathing*, pj aus, all the aus, hnnnnnng, .
Hi! I've just stumbled across your page, and I was wondering if you could draw Calypso? The one that Leo meets. I love your artwork so much, and I hope we can become friends in the future :) I can't draw for crap, but I'm utterly obsessed with PJO, and now, your artwork. Love you! (I say it to everyone, don't worry) -- D


Here you goimage

fav, pj, .